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      Interplant Roses:
      rose breeding with passion, innovation,
      involvement and quality
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      Interplant Roses
      International rose breeding company樂魚APP - 官網app

      Interplant Roses is an international (rose) breeding company with decades of experience in the breeding of cut flower roses, both single heads and spray (multi headed) roses. It is a family owned company, founded in 1962. The company is now led by the third generation: Robert Ilsink as CEO and Martin Ilsink as CFO. The fourth generation of Ilsinks has also joined the company in 2020! The head office is located in the centre of The Netherlands. Interplant has its own test facilities in Kenya and has a great network of worldwide agents and representatives.

      Cut roses
      3 main categories
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      Interplant’s wide range in
      Hybrid Tea Roses, Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses
      and Sweetheart Roses
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      Hybrid Tea Roses is an important market segment for Interplant Roses. We offer our customers a wide selection of authentic and creative Hybrid Tea Rose and Intermediate Rose varieties.
      Within our line of Standard Roses, we have also created a compact but very sophisticated line of Sweetheart Roses in all the important colours.

      Take a look at our assortment of Hybrid Tea Roses, Intermediate Hybrid Tea Roses, and Sweetheart Roses.

      Worldwide leader
      in Spray Roses樂魚APP - 官網app

      Interplant Roses has been the world’s first rose breeder to develop Spray Roses. Over many years we have created a wide range of sparkling Spray Roses which has expanded our market and customer base. Today we are the worldwide leader in breeding Spray Roses. We constantly come up with new enchanting introductions to our spray rose line: Regular Spray Roses, Premium Spray Roses, Trendsetter Roses, Clustar Roses and Flow Roses.

      Take a look at our assortment of Spray Roses.


      Garden roses
      Our garden roses collection
      樂魚APP - 官網app

      Contact Us
      How can we help you?
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      Central Office樂魚APP - 官網app

      Interplant Roses B.V.
      Hugo de Vriesweg 4a
      3481 JA Harmelen
      The Netherlands

      +31 (0)85 – 06 651 11


      Office Kenya樂魚APP - 官網app

      Interplant Roses East-Africa Ltd.
      P.O. Box 1870
      20117 NAIVASHA

      +254 729 060 124


      Write to us

        We will treat all personal data you provide us with, with the highest possible care and confidentiality.

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